Lighting Control


Convenience, Energy Saving and Security

Lighting control integrates the control of all your light, interior and exterior, electric light and daylight. For over 20 years Media Rooms has been designing and installing Lutron HomeWorks QS and Radio RA2 lighting control systems. The systems offer wireless total home control that provides convenient and intuitive control of lights, shades, temperature, and appliances in a single room or throughout a whole home or office. These systems also integrate with other manufacturers for home automation and HVAC control, as well, for broader control of your home environment. And it does all of that while saving energy. So you’re not only choosing a system that will redefine your way of living, you’re also investing in a system which can pay for itself over the life of your home.

Residential Energy Savings When it comes to energy efficiency, there are plenty of options. However, many homeowners overlook a key energy-saving opportunity – lighting. Lighting accounts for almost 20% of the average homeowner’s monthly electric bill. Lutron light controls can help increase energy savings throughout your home.

Convenience Create “scenes” with HomeWorks QS and Radio RA2 – preset light and shade levels that you can recall at the touch of a button. For example, press the “Entertain” button on the keypad in your foyer and lights and shades will adjust throughout your home to create just the right light.

Security Lighting control systems integrate with home security systems. In the event of an alarm, interior lights turn on, illuminating a safe exit, while exterior lights flash to attract attention. HomeWorks QS and Radio RA2 also makes a home safer by automatically turning landscape and security lighting on and off each night.

Intelligent control Integrate HomeWorks QS or Radio RA2 with your iPhone®, iPod® touch, iPad® and Android™ devices and you can easily check the status of your lights, shades, and HVAC when you’re away from your home. Having whole-home control when you’re out of town or simply out for an evening provides a hassle-free way to save energy.

Rest Assured Before you retire for the night, lower your shades, turn all the house lights off and set back temperature from the comfort of your bed with the one button push of the “Goodnight” button. Not only can you control the lights that surround you, but also the lights throughout your home – so you can rest assured no lights are left on, wasting energy.

Automated Shades Automated shades help lower cooling costs in summer and heating costs in winter. In fact, adjusting shades based on the season can save you 10 – 30% on heating and cooling costs. In addition, shades help increase privacy and enhance security—while protecting furnishings, fine art, rugs, and wood.