Marilyn Monroe Theater


CotY 2008 National Winner – Home Theater & Media Rooms under $150,000

CEDIA Best Technical Design – Large Home Theater

Chrysalis Region Winner – Home Theater & Media Rooms under $150,000

Master Design – Winner Room Remodel


Electronic Lifestyles, December 2008, “Art Deco Decadence

House and Home, November 2008, “A New Gathering Place for this Berwyn Family and Their Guests

Electronic House, March 2008 “Upgrading an Old-School Movie Palace”


Project Summary

Our client requested a grand movie palace style home theater. The goal was to create an attractive theater with Art Deco design influences. The staircase leading down to the lower level, where the theater is located, opens into a foyer area. We convinced the homeowner that this was the perfect location for a ticket booth and theater themed entrance doors. This client was very receptive to our design concepts. We needed to work within the space available since the drywall was in place in the foyer area. We designed and fabricated all of the acoustical wall panels. custom columns, wood millwork, proscenium, ticket booth and entrance doors, in addition we installed the audio and video system.

Special Construction Details

Hidden Electronic Components

Marilyn Monroe Art Deco Theater
Audio/Video Closet Door Closed
Marilyn Monroe Art Deco Theater
Audio/Video Closet Door Open
Home Theater AV Components

Special Construction Details

Starfield Ceiling

Marilyn Monroe Art Deco Theater with Star Field
Layered 1" thick aoustical panels in Art Deco style applied on the surface of black ceiling panels.
Marilyn Monroe Art Deco Theater with Star Field
All light circuits (starfield fiber optic, sconces, recessed, step) and scenes are controlled from a touchpanel remote.

Special Construction Details

Home Theater Entrance Renovation

Marilyn Monroe Art Deco Theater
  • Removed existing hollow core doors
  • Fabricated new doors with round glass insert etched with the letter “M”
  • Added brass push rails and handles
  • Fabricated custom marquee over the door
  • Designed and fabricated a ticket booth and installed the ticket booth into the existing alcove
  • Stained the wood a Mahogany color and top coat with conversion varnish
  • Provided props: Marilyn Monroe mannequin