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Electronic House, May 2011 “Home of the Year – Uncompromised Design” 

Project Summary

Our Performance themed theater began as a relatively straight forward home theater. However, as we got into the design phase the project became much more of a challenge. First, we had to overcome the issue of enclosing/hiding the sewage clean-out, which protruded from the basement floor. As a solution to this issue, we added a stage in front of the theater area. This way, we could conceal the sewage clean-out, while maximizing space. In order to finish the rest of the space, we built a custom bar in our in-house cabinet shop, an exercise area, a pool table area and a game area. The bar became our second major challenge. Our client wanted the bar to appear as something commercial, not residential. Therefore, we installed a bar rail, a drip rail, and exposed appliances behind the counter. Overall, the project exceeded the clients’ expectations. 

Construction Details

Concealing Stage

The main sewage outlet and clean-out for the house was projecting up from the floor 14″. The stage needed to accommodate and conceal the outlet. A trap door was fabricated within the floor of the stage to allow future access and clean-out. 

Drywall H 009
Construction stage G 004
Finished stage drawers C 012

Hidden Projector

In order to develop a sleek design, Media Rooms chose to hide the video projector within the ceiling soffit.

Finished soffit close up B 207
Starfield C 024
Finished entire room view

Commercial Bar Area

Across from the theater is an area for a custom built cherry wood bar that was fabricated in our in-house cabinet shop.


Drywall H 022
Installation bar ZA 137
Installation side crendenza ZA 133
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